Epic Himalayan Spiritual Journey | Nepal, Tibet, And Bhutan Three nation Spiritual Tour

The concept of Epic Himalayan Spiritual Journey is to create a new way to travel in Nepal and allow people to find peace of mind and their own spirituality.

This travel will include well-being as the core of the trip. Nepal is the most relevant because of the diversity of the land and most of all the kindness of Nepalis. The geography, the geology, the history, and the traditions make Nepal Unique. Throughout the trip, we will follow the four elements “Earth”, “Water”, “Fire” and “Air”, a life experience.

Breathtaking landscapes of beauty and diversity, from the jungle to arid zones and other peaks dotted with terraced cultivation, compete in color with each other to offer us a master canvas as a daily background. With the Himalayas as a backdrop and the famous Annapurnas which culminate at over 8000 and the highest peak in the world, Mount Everest at 8848 meters.

Nepal is located right on one of the most important telluric and magnetic faults on Earth due to its location between the Asian and Indian plates.

The best place to increase our own vibration aligns with the earth itself. Wellbeing activities will be a plus for our travelers to open their minds to their own spirituality whatever their beliefs.

We will discover ancestral culture sites in Mustang, Muktinath Nepal, Mt. Kailash, the highest pilgrimage site, and Lassa, Tibet.

Nepal is the only country in the world where one finds these two spiritual beliefs, Buddhism and Hinduism on the same site and also venerating common Gods. That is to say the power of the vibrations emitted in the Himalayas Mountains.

During the Epic himalayan spiritual journey we do singing bowl healing class which is guided by samir nirakar.

The region of Nepal, Mustang is a region in the heart of the Himalayas at the Tibet border. Beyond the wealth of landscapes and people, Mustang is distinguished by the diversity of its geology oscillating between a desert region, lunar landscape, and oasis of green composed of cultivated terraces. This region is crossed by the “Kali River” which follows its course through a fault in the earth’s crust, the deepest canyon in the region. We are in the heart of the Himalayas, the energies are increased tenfold, your perceptions and vibrations will be intense and your frequency will grow to find peace of mind and be ready for a Spiritual Life Journey.

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General Concept of Epic Himalayan Spiritual Journey

A well-being and alternative trip for a unique experience combining well-being and physical activities such as morning muscle awakening and fitness, sports activities, yoga, natural therapies with stones and minerals, sound meditation, therapeutic singing bowl treatment and massages, and reiki sessions. Relaxation, meditation, and yoga around millennial sites of the Himalayas Kingdom.

Will be included: Events such as full moon/new moon sound active meditation, sound healing group sessions, and evening lectures.

The tours will also encompass discussions on food nutrition and recommended diet, plants, herbs, and natural local remedies.

As well as the unique experience to be had, it provides a heavenly and relaxing environment perfectly suited for alternative therapies and well-being activities, allowing a breath of fresh air combining plenitude and total happiness to find peace of mind and feel the spirituality in our heart.

Evening lectures on sites of Epic Himalayan Spiritual Journey

  • The seven main Chakras.
  • The biomagnetic field (energy) around us generated by our physical body.
  • Introduction to energies, vibrations, and frequencies.
  • Learn Mudras, Mantras, and ancestral mediation techniques.
  • Food nutrition, recommended diet, plants, herbs, and natural remedies treatments.
  • Learning about millennial uses of stones, gems, and minerals for healing treatment.

Our Special Service during Epic Himalayan Spiritual Journey

  • Singing bowl therapies, private and/or group session
  • Singing bowls physical massage private session
  • Energetic treatment private session “7 Chakras balancing” (Reiki combined with sound healing)
  • Group sound active meditation
  • Sound healing and singing bowls therapy courses, levels 1 and 2

Conducted and provided by Samir Nirakar. Connect us directly for more information on your spiritual journey.

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Epic Himalayan Spiritual Journey | Nepal, Tibet, And Bhutan Three nation Spiritual Tour