Himalayan 360 is one of the best reliable companies in Nepal, run by professional tourism experts. On all our exotic trips we offer with reasonable prices so that all can join and enjoy the holidays.

But there are a few norms and conditions that all travellers joining with us should be aware of some rules. So that there will be no misunderstanding between you and the company, after going through our policy Terms & Conditions.

1. Booking contract
Please make sure that you have given us your full information exactly as in your passport. After you booked your trip, check if you have given the wrong information by mistake or not. If so report that false information to the company immediately.

2. Booking a trip

  • The contact between the company and the client emerges only when the company sends a confirmation letter to the customer.
  • To book any trip/services need to send us 30 % as an advance of your total trip cost to make your confirmation. All clients need to send their passport and international flight details Including insurance and medical certificate copies, as well as any dietary requirements in food to book trips/services.
  • The company has the right to increase or decrease prices under reasonable circumstances before the booking is confirmed.
  • The company is not responsible for a refund in case you involve in unlawful acts that are against government policy.
  • The company is responsible for your personal belongings. But While you are on a trip, if your belongings are lost, damaged, or theft by your personal mistake, the company will not be responsible for that.
  • Once the guest departs from Kathmandu/Kathmandu Airport for any trip, the company will be not responsible to refund the trip amount for any reason.

3. Payment
Please forward the trip advance payment to our Bank account minimum of 30 % as per the chosen trip, as advance payment, the rest of the balance is to be paid here in Kathmandu on arrival before the trip departure.
For Bhutan & Tibet trips, requires 100 % of the trip payment well in advance before you arrive in Kathmandu. As well before leaving for respective countries besides Nepal.
Bank Account Detail:
Account Holder: Himalayan Three Sixty Pvt. Ltd.
Bank Name: Everest Bank Ltd.
A/C Number: 03500105200896
Branch: Thamel, Kathmandu, Nepal

For the payment by Credit Card, please contact us by mail or follow the procedure listed below. Please keep in mind that we only accept Visa or MasterCard and a 5% levy, will be added for a card processing fee on top of the package bills.
To pay the trip bill by offline credit card you need to submit the following documents to our company attesting in the mail:
A copy of the passport
A copy of your Credit Card on either side
An authorization letter mentioning the Bill Amount inclusive of bank charges. Download the payment form and fill it and send us.
CVV Code of Card

In case of failure of on-time payment, as required Himalayan 360 Pvt. Ltd. will not be compelled to provide the services as per the bookings and agreement made between us.

4. Prices Change
The entire price which is included on the page is the current price and that price is per person. There will not be any changes after you pay. To check the price validity, inclusion and exclusion kindly go through the trip-wise.

5. Cancellation
Notice of cancellation shall be submitted by the client in writing by mail with the authentic reason(s), and then the refund procedure will be made as follows:
1) If cancellation is made before 30 days of the trip Start date, 40% of the total trip cost will be charged as cancellation, and the rest will be adjusted on their next trip or refunded after deducting the processing charge of Nepal Rastra Bank to make a draft.
2) If cancellation is made before 15 days of the trip Start date, 50% of the total trip cost will be charged as cancellation. Further will be the same as the above process
3) If Cancellation is made before 07 days of the trip Start date 80% of the total trip cost will be charged as cancellation.
4) The cost of Climbing/Trekking Permit/s already purchased is/are not refundable.
5) No refund will be made to clients who drop out from the journey regardless of whatever portions remain unused in the itinerary.

6. Responsibility
On all our trips from trekking to tour, our guides, staff, or tour escorts will have full authority to take care of the situation on treks or tours. In case some client misbehaves, commits any unlawful act, and may disturb the group. Along with his / her negative attitude, bad manners will be compelled to leave from respective trips like tours or treks. In this situation, there will be ‘No Refund’ where the client has to bear all extra expenses and must submit in writing the incident that made him/her quit the trip earlier.

7. Medical condition and special requirements
Clients should mention their physical and mental health to the company before booking a trip. Some trips will not be suitable for some clients so it is necessary to give about the client’s health to the company. If clients request to go on a trip but they are weak then they have to give in written form so that company will not be responsible if something happens to the client. Medical treatments are varying from one country to another that’s why we can’t give any warranties in relation to the standard of such treatments.

8. Trips we operate with certain conditions
On all our trips we offer the best holidays, with reliable services and much care to run the tour and treks. As much as possible to provide an enjoyable and hassle-free holiday, however, certain obstacles arise sometimes. Where all clients have to bear with us, an unfortunate incidence that can happen anytime, anywhere.
Every trek, peak climbing, sightseeing tour, or major expedition that we run with standard itinerary days, as per the trip cost. Sometimes it can lead to delays and cancellations also, due to broken trails, bad road conditions, or political strikes. In these case, we will inform you immediately, that our guides have full authority to command the situations if occurs.
As well sometimes due to bad weather conditions, domestic flights might be delayed or lead to cancellation. In this situation guide or company beyond control where all clients have to bear with us. This might lead to paying extra expenses for other means of transportation like helicopter services.
As well as staying extra nights in hotels, including food, etc. However, the company will try its best to find better and more positive solutions.

9. Travel insurance
All travellers must have valid travel insurance. Their travel insurance should cover illness death, any medical expenses, accidents, injuries, etc.

10. Flight delays and changes in the itinerary
Mountain weather is very different from normal weather. Mountain weather can change anytime so flights can be delayed for some time or some days. If those things happen the company will arrange accommodation and food for the clients but they have to be ready for an additional charge. The company will not be responsible if clients miss their international flights.

11. Visa and passport
Tourist visas are available for 15 days, 30 days, and 90 days with a single entry visa. Fees should be paid in cash, no cards are usable. As tourists, you can stay in Nepal for as long as 150 days in a year. Children aged below 10 also required visas although they are not charged the visa fee.

12. Injuries and evacuation
Our company will not be responsible for any injuries which include mental health and physical health so it will be better if you have adequate travel insurance packages which include medical facilities and helicopters for evacuation.

13. Last-minute booking
You can book a trip through Last minute booking 3 days prior to the departure date. However, extra charges will be included.

14. Postpone a trip
In case you postpone your trip, please provide us with a written notice 30 days prior to your departure date. Failure to do so will result in the termination of the trip. A minimum postpones charge will be applied.

15. Promotion
Himalayan 360 uses images of you taken during the trip without recourse to you and without compensation to you, for publicity and promotion purposes only through whatever medium it chooses.

16. Complaints
Himalayan 360 considers any complaints regarding company services and any drawbacks on the included lists. It should be given within 15 days of the ending deadline of the trips.

17. Updating terms and conditions
The company can change these terms and conditions at any time. So we requested our respected clients to keep updated with any changes so that they won’t have a problem while booking the trip.