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The most popular trek around Manaslu region is Manaslu Circuit trek, an adventure of fewer than two weeks. Where trek leads between Peak 29, Lamjung Himalayan range, and Annapurna Himalayan range in the west with Ganesh Himal towards the east.
The Manaslu Circuit trek leads to traditional mountain villages of Jagat, Namrung, Lo-Gaon and Sama-Gaon adorned with ancient cultures.
The adventure leads to the high Larke-La Pass at 5,106 m, the boundary between Gorkha, Manaslu, and Manang districts. The treks involve drives both ways, the other adventure around the Manaslu region is Tsum Valley. A trek of 2 weeks duration takes you to high Mu Gompa at 3, 700 m / 12,139 ft.

Customized Manaslu circuit trek 14 days Itinerary

Day 01Arrival in Kathmandu and transfer to hotel.
Day 02Drive to Machha Khola 900 m / 2,952 feet approx. 8 hours.
Day 03Trek to Jagat 1,340 m -06 hours walk.
Day 04Trek to Deng 1,860 m via Philim village-06 hours.
Day 05Trek to Namrung 2, 900 m-05 hours.
Day 06Trek to Lo-Gaon 3, 180 m-05 hours.
Day 07Trek to Sama-Gaon 3, 500 m /11, 480 feet-06 hours.
Day 08At Sama-Gaon rest day for acclimatization and excursion.
Day 09Trek to Samdo 3,690 m -05 hours.
Day 10Trek to Dharmasala 4, 450 m /14, 596 feet-04 hours.
Day 11Trek to Bhimthang 3, 590 m via Larke-La Pass 5,106 m -08 hours.
Day 12Trek to Dharapani village 1,820 m -05 hrs.
Day 13Drive to Kathmandu-08 hours.
Day 14International departure for homeward bound.
At least one day to obtain a special trek permit for Manaslu region. So we suggest you go with the Manalsu region 16-day itinerary or if you need to customize itinerary please contact on whatsapp.

Manaslu Circuit trek map

Manaslu Circuit Trek Map showcasing the trail, villages, and key landmarks along the trek route. The map provides a visual guide for trekkers exploring the diverse landscapes and cultural treasures of the Manaslu region with Himalayan 360.

Alternative Treks Around the Manaslu Region

The Manaslu Circuit combines the splendors of the Tsum Valley, the picturesque lower Manaslu route, the iconic Manaslu base camp, and the world-famous Annapurna Circuit Trek. Along the way, you’ll have the opportunity to visit remarkable attractions, including the breathtaking Ganga Jamuna Waterfall, the resilient Barpak Village (which lay at the epicenter of Nepal’s 2015 earthquake), and the serene Tsum Valley – all thoughtfully included in our comprehensive trekking package.

At the pinnacle of your journey stands the Larkya La Pass, the highest point on the trek, offering unparalleled panoramic views of the surrounding mountains. Once you descend from the pass, you seamlessly transition into the magnificent Annapurna Circuit Region. Opt for the Manaslu Trek, and you’ll not only explore this mesmerizing region but also complete a section of the illustrious Great Himalayan Trail, further enhancing your trekking experience.

Transport for Manaslu Circuit Trek

  • Kathmandu to Soti Khola (approx. 130-140 kilometers): The distance from Kathmandu to Soti Khola is roughly around 130 to 140 kilometers. The drive takes about 6-8 hours and includes traveling through Gorkha and Arughat before reaching Soti Khola.
  • Return Transportation: After finishing your trek in Dharapani you have to take a Local jeep to reach Beshi Sahar then you change jeep or public bus to get to Kathmandu, From Beshi Sahar to Kathmandu is approximately 175-180 kilometers. The journey takes around 7-9 hours by road.

When is an ideal time to Trek to Manaslu Circuit?

Spring (March to May): This season, post the winter chill, offers mild temperatures and blooming rhododendron forests, enhancing the scenic beauty. The trails are clear, and the weather is generally stable.
Autumn (September to November): Autumn is another prime time for the Manaslu Circuit. The weather is crisp and clear, and the skies are often blue. It’s an excellent time to enjoy unobstructed mountain views and pleasant temperatures.

Permits for Manaslu Circuit Trek

Manaslu Circuit Trek Permit - An official document required for trekking in the Manaslu region, ensuring access to the trail and supporting conservation efforts. Obtainable through Himalayan 360 for a seamless trekking experience.

There are three different permits required for Manaslu trek. For more please check details about the Manaslu trek permit.

  • Manaslu Restricted Area Permit (RAP): This permit is essential and specific to the Manaslu Circuit area. It’s obtained from the Nepal Immigration Office in Kathmandu or at the entry point in Soti Khola. The cost varies depending on the season (higher fees during peak seasons).
  • Manaslu Conservation Area Permit (MCAP): This permit allows you to enter the Manaslu Conservation Area. You can obtain it at the Annapurna Conservation Area Project (ACAP) counter in Kathmandu or at the entry point.
  • Annapurna Conservation Area Permit (ACAP): The Manaslu Circuit typically starts in the Annapurna region, so you will need an ACAP permit, which can be acquired at the same counter as the MCAP.

Accommodation During the Manaslu Circuit Trek

Accommodation along the Manaslu Circuit Trek is primarily provided by teahouses or lodges. These family-run guesthouses offer cozy yet straightforward rooms with twin beds, blankets, and occasionally attached bathrooms.

Common dining areas in teahouses serve meals from a set menu, offering a variety of local and international dishes. Hot showers are available for an extra fee, and some teahouses offer charging facilities for electronic devices also cost an extra fee.

Booking accommodation in advance is advisable, especially during the peak trekking season. At higher elevations, teahouses may be more basic, and temperatures can drop significantly. For a more adventurous experience, camping is also an option with the help of trekking agencies.

Telephone, Satellite Phones and Wi-Fi in the Manaslu Circuit Trek

Telephone Services: Mobile phone coverage can be sporadic along the trek. In lower-lying areas and some villages, you may find mobile signals for making calls or sending text messages. However, as you ascend to higher altitudes, the availability of mobile signals decreases significantly.

Wi-Fi: Teahouses and lodges along the route may offer limited Wi-Fi access, but it’s often slow and unreliable. These services usually come at an additional cost.

Satellite Phones: In case of emergencies, trekking agencies or guides carry satellite phones for communication. However, it’s not a standard provision, and it’s advisable to have your own means of communication for emergencies.

Manaslu circuit trek itinerary – 16 Days

Day 01Arrival in Kathmandu and transfer to hotel.
Day 02In Kathmandu with optional sightseeing tour and trek preparations.
Day 03Drive to Machha Khola 900 m / 2,952 feet approx. 8 hours.
Day 04Trek to Jagat 1,340 m -06 hours walk.
Day 05Trek to Pewa 1,710 meters-06 hours.
Day 06Trek to Ghap 2,160 meters-05 hours.
Day 07Trek to Lo-Gaon 3, 180 m-05 hours.
Day 08Trek to Sama-Gaon 3, 500 m /11, 480 feet-06 hours.
Day 09At Sama-Gaon rest day for acclimatization and excursion.
Day 10Trek to Samdo 3,690 m -05 hours.
Day 11Trek to Dharmasala 4, 450 m /14, 596 feet-04 hours.
Day 12Trek to Bhimthang 3, 590 m via Larke-La Pass 5,106 m -08 hours.
Day 13Trek to Dharapani 1,820 m -05 hrs.
Day 14Drive to Kathmandu-08 hours.
Day 15Free day for individual activities.
Day 16International departure for homeward bound.

Trip fact

  • 5106M
  • March-April | Sept - Oct
  • Kathmandu
  • Kathmandu
  • 177KM
  • Tea house
  • Private Vehicle
  • All meals during the trek
  • English, Hindi, Chinese


Manaslu Circuit trekking is an adventure around the world’s 8th highest Mt. Manaslu, located in Nepal’s Far North Mid-West. The trek starts from the Machha-Khola within the district of Gorkha, where the Manaslu Himalayas is situated.
The walk takes you from low warm farm areas heading towards cooler green hills and lovely villages. An interesting places to explore around Jagat, Philim and Namrung villages. Where Buddhism cultures of Tibetan origin heritage customs can be observed, along with grand views of Mt. Manaslu.
The adventure leads to Lo and Sam-Gaon, the main major settlements of the high Manaslu valley adorned with impressive Buddhism religion. Spending an extra day for acclimatization, and then heading towards high Larke-La Pass the main highlight of the adventure. An excellent viewpoint for alluring scenery of towering snow mountain range, from the pass down towards Manang areas.
Where walk leads to the end of Manaslu Circuit at Dharapani village for an exciting drive back to Kathmandu.


  • Adventure around world’s 8th highest mountain Mt. Manaslu and its massif range.
  • Explore lovely traditional villages enriched with old Buddhism cultures.
  • Walk from low warm paddy fields to cooler alpine hills to arctic cold zone.
  • Enjoy the dramatic changes of landscapes from green forest to arid terrain.
  • Crossing high Larke-La pass facing tremendous views of giant mountain range


Day 1:
Arrival in Kathmandu and transfer to hotel.

On arrival at Kathmandu-Nepal international airport, transfer to hotel where guide will provide a briefing, regarding the treks. Evening time visit around the Thamel.

Day 2:
In Kathmandu with optional sightseeing tour and trek preparations.

A day in Kathmandu can enjoy options of sightseeing tours around Kathmandu around places of great cultural and historical interest. The rest of the day is free preparation for the trek to the Manaslu circuit.

Day 3:
Drive to Machha Khola 900 m / 2,952 feet approx. 8 hours

A long day drive but attractive towards Nepal Mid-West to reach the starting point of the trek at Machha-Khola. A small farm town within the district of Gorkha heavily farmed areas of warm temperature. At Machha-Khola in the comfort of a lovely simple lodge for overnight halt.

Day 4:
Trek to Jagat 1,340 m -06 hours walk.

Start the morning first day walk heading north through several farm villages, on a gradual path through Sal forest. As the walk heads uphill into cooler areas, reaching a nice hill village at Jagat. The entrance point of restricted areas, where trekkers need special permits. Overnight in a nice lodge, with time to explore and witness the local cultures of both Hindu and Buddhism religions.

Day 5:
Trek to Pewa 1,710 m-06 hours.

Morning walk entering the restricted areas, as trail follows to slow climb to a friendly farm village Philim. The adventure continues with down and uphill paths crossing bridges, and then reaching more excellent areas at Deng for the overnight stop.

Day 6:
Trek to Ghap 2,160 m-05 hours.

From Deng walk leads towards several farm villages, and within forested areas heading towards Bhi and Nyak, lovely settlements. The walk continues with up and downhill trail within the pleasant cool shade of pine and rhododendron forest. The final ending of the good day walks on reaching Namrung village overnight in the comfort of a nice lodge.

Day 7:
Trek to Lo-Gaon 3, 180 m-05 hours.

An exciting morning uphill through a nice forested trail above the Buri Gandaki River, as the walk leads to beautiful Lo-Gaon. An interesting village as the walk enters the Welcome gate of Lo-Gaon, located beneath towering Mt. Manaslu North Face. A great wonderful village with nice lovely houses serving as lodges with homely Comfort. At Lo-Gaon with time explore the village and its old monastery.

Day 8:
Trek to Sama-Gaon 3, 500 m /11, 480 feet-06 hours.

From Lo-Gaon, onwards within Upper Manaslu valley as walk follows to the main village of Sama-Gaon. Following a high trail through number of Yak herder settlements, facing exciting views of Manaslu Himalaya range. Then finally ending the day walks reaching Sama- Gaon, the main village on route to Mt. Manaslu base camp. Transfer into a nice lodge, and explore the village along with stunning views of towering peaks.

Day 9:
At Sama-Gaon rest day for acclimatization and excursion.

Rest day at Sama-Gaon for acclimatization and enjoy a short hike around its scenic landscapes. As well visit the Birendra Tal a glacial lake facing beautiful scenery of the surroundings. Which is en route to Manaslu base camp, rest of the day explore the interesting Sama-Gaon and its local culture.

Day 10:
Trek to Samdo 3,690 m -05 hours.

After a pleasant moment at Sama-Gaon, walk heads further west towards a dry and high country. As tree lines drop for mountainous terrains. The trail follows to steep climb reaching Samdo. A large village located on route Tibet border, as well towards our destinations to Dharmasala and Larke-La Pass.

Day 11:
Trek to Dharmasala 4, 450 m /14, 596 feet-04 hours.

Today a short walk of a few hours to Dharmasala or Larke Phedi at the bottom of a pass. Start the morning towards a river valley, and walk on rocky trail crossing streams. Then ending the day walk reaching Dharmasala for lunch and last overnight around Manaslu and Gorkha district.

Day 12:
Trek to Bhimthang 3, 590 m via Larke-La Pass 5,106 m -08 hours.

Start early morning climb to cross high Larke-a Pass, follow the steep path over rocks, across ablation of Larke glacier. Finally reaching on top of Larke-La facing views of Cheo Himal with Larke Peak. The pass is marked with
colourful Buddhist prayer flags and rock cairns. Enjoy the stunning panorama of Kang Guru, Annapurna-II, and of Manaslu Himal range.
A long downhill to the base of the pass reaching Bhimthang for an overnight stop, after a long day’s walk.

Day 13:
Trek to Dharapani village 1,820 m -05 hrs.

Last day trek of the adventure, on leaving Gho a small settlement, walk downhill into the densely forested path. After a few hours reach Tilje, a nice village, perched above the Masrsyangdi River, from here a short climb and cross a bridge to Dharapani for an overnight stop. Dharapani is a nice moderate village, located on a roadside, where the Annapurna Circuit trail joins.
At Dharapani transfer into a lodge, every inn and guest houses are much better standard than other previous overnights.

Day 14:
Drive to Kathmandu-08 hours.

Leaving the high land of Manang and Manaslu Himalayas, an early morning drive from Dharapani village. The road follows downhill to Besisar town, and then on good road reaching the main highway. An exciting drive past low warm farm villages and towns, then climb towards Kathmandu valley and the city. After a marvellous experience on the Manaslu Circuit trek, transfer to your hotel.

Day 15:
Free day for individual activities.

Enjoy a free day in Kathmandu after a wonderful Manaslu Circuit Trek. Options for an exciting tour of Patan / Lalitpur and Bhaktapur, or enjoy individual activities shopping souvenirs of Nepal.

Day 16:
International departure for homeward bound.

The last day in Kathmandu and in Nepal is time for your international flight transfer to the airport. Then bid farewell to the guide and staff as you enter the airport terminal for the homeward bound flight, after a marvellous enjoyable adventure on Manaslu Circuit Trekking.

Cost Info

Cost Includes

  • Airport Transfer by Private vehicle
  • 4 nights accommodation in kathmandu with including breakfast
  • 11 nights accommodation in mountain teahouses
  • Guide for 12 days with including insurance, food and accommodations
  • Kathmandu to Maccha Khola and Dharapani to Kathmandu Local Bus
  • Manaslu Restricted area permit
  • Manaslu & Annapurna conservation area permit
  • 15 X breakfast, 12 X lunch and 11 X dinner while on the trek
  • Duffle, Trekking pole, Sleeping bag and down jacket (Should return after finished trek)

Trip Excludes

  • One Poter for 12 days ($250 inc. insurance, food, accommodation)
  • Private jeep Kathmandu to Maccha khola $350/jeep
  • Private Car/Jeep from Beshi sahar to kathmandu $200/jeep
  • Emergency Rescue and Travel Insurance.
  • Tips and Gratuities.
  • Services which are not mentioned in including sections.


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How difficult is Manaslu Circuit Trekking?

It is not that difficult as one imagine or expect, walking ups and downs taking a slow moderate pace. Will overcome the difficulty, the only tough part of the trek is a long climb to Larke-La Pass. As well long stretch of downhill, the difficult part is just for a day, rest of the walk is moderate.

How are the lodge and food on Manaslu Circuit Trekking?

The main villages of Jagat, Namrung, Lo-Gaon and Sama-Gaon provide good standard lodges. Very few places with attached baths and toilets, and the lodges offer a comprehensive food menu. Includes continental, Chinese, Indian, Nepali or Tibetan foods served in a nice big warm dining hall.

Why is Manaslu Circuit Trekking a restricted area?

Manaslu Circuit Trekking was closed for outside travellers for many decades, it was open from 1992 onwards. The restricted area where trekkers require special permits to enter upper Manaslu from Jagat village onwards.
The reason is to control the flow of mass trekkers to save the pristine environment, as well as to be close to the Tibet border.

What types of vegetation exists around Manaslu circuit route?

Lower areas of tropical vegetation with Sal species trees, further higher above 2,000 m. The hills are covered with alpine bushes and a forest of rhododendron, blue pines and first tree lines. After Sama-Gaon till Bhimthang tree lines disappears for arctic cold terrain.

How far do we walk each day?

Approx. 5-6 hours, the longest walks is crossing over Larke-La Pass and downhill to Bhimthang taking maximum hours of 8 hours or more.
The shortest walks of minimum 3-4 hours on route to Dharmasala from Samdo village.

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Overall Trip Rating:

Overall Trip Rating:
4 - Excellent
( Based on 7 travel reviews )
😀 Excellent
🙂 Very Good
😕 Average
🙁 Poor
😡 Terrible
  1. Unforgettable Manaslu Circuit Trek with Himalayan 360
    (5 months ago)
    I recently completed the Manaslu Circuit Trek with Himalayan 360 and the entire experience was beyond my expectations. From the very beginning till the last day of my trip, the team demonstrated professionalism and genuine commitment to providing an outstanding adventure. The pre-trip briefing was comprehensive, ensuring that I felt well-prepared and confident about the upcoming adventure. They made sure that everyone in the group was comfortable and enjoying the trek. The accommodations, meals, hospitality, basically everything was top notch. I look forward to embarking on future adventures with Himalayan 360. Highly recommended!
    Richard Graham
    Date of Experience: October, 2023
  2. A Memorable Trek to Manaslu Circuit
    (5 months ago)
    The trek to Manaslu Circuit was a memorable experience for me and my friend. I enjoyed the trip from the first day when we began our trek from Machha Khola till the very last day of our trek to Dharapani village. We were welcomed at the airport itself in a traditional way with a traditional scarf the name of which I found out is 'Khada' and we were taken to the hotel and the ambience and the hospitality of the staffs were so welcoming. Talking about the trek, I genuinely enjoyed every part of it and the friendly and knowledgeable guide who was with us throughout the trek, made our trip even more fun. The accommodations along the trekking route were comfortable and I feel blessed to have been able to witness the glorious views of the mountains and beautiful landscapes throughout the trek. If you're looking for a Manaslu Circuit Trek, then Himalayan 360 is an excellent choice.
    Chloe Taylor
    Date of Experience: September, 2023
  3. Beyond Boundaries: Manaslu Circuit Trek with Himalayan 360
    (5 months ago)
    Embarking on the Manaslu Circuit Trek with Himalayan 360 was a venture into the heart of Nepal's untamed beauty, a voyage that seamlessly blended rugged adventure with cultural discovery. From the very start, Himalayan 360's meticulous planning and knowledgeable guides ensured a trek that was not just challenging but also deeply rewarding. The trek unfolded like a tapestry of landscapes—lush green valleys, pristine mountain lakes, and the ever-dominant presence of Mount Manaslu. Himalayan 360's commitment to sustainable tourism was evident in every aspect of the journey. The teahouse accommodations provided a comfortable haven, and the team's dedication to minimizing our environmental impact resonated with the untouched beauty of the surroundings. Cultural immersion became a hallmark of our trek, thanks to the insightful guidance of Himalayan 360's team. From sharing stories with locals in quaint villages to participating in traditional ceremonies, every interaction felt like an authentic glimpse into the rich tapestry of Manaslu's cultural heritage. As I stood at the Larke Pass, surrounded by the grandeur of the Himalayas, I realized that the Manaslu Circuit Trek with Himalayan 360 was not just an adventure—it was a transformative experience that pushed boundaries and left me with a profound appreciation for the wonders of Nepal. For those seeking an adventure that transcends the ordinary, the Manaslu Circuit Trek with Himalayan 360 is an absolute must.
    zhong hua
    Date of Experience: December, 2023
  4. Manaslu Marvels: A Tale of Adventure and Cultural Splendor with Himalayan 360
    (5 months ago)
    Embarking on the Manaslu Circuit Trek orchestrated by Himalayan 360 was nothing short of an odyssey through the heart of the Himalayas. From the rugged trails to the towering peaks, every moment was a testament to the region's awe-inspiring beauty and the expertise of the Himalayan 360 team. The journey was seamlessly curated, thanks to the meticulous planning and guidance of our seasoned Himalayan 360 guides. Navigating through diverse landscapes, from quaint villages to lush forests and high mountain passes, provided a comprehensive panorama of Nepal's natural wonders. The teahouse accommodations were a delightful surprise, offering a cozy retreat each evening and a chance to connect with fellow trekkers. Himalayan 360's commitment to responsible tourism and sustainable practices added a commendable dimension to the trek. What truly stood out was the cultural immersion facilitated by our guides. Their deep-rooted knowledge and connections within local communities allowed us to engage authentically with the rich traditions of the Manaslu region. It felt like more than a trek; it was a cultural exchange that enriched the entire experience. As I reflect on this incredible journey, I can confidently say that the Manaslu Circuit Trek with Himalayan 360 is a must for adventurers seeking not just a trek but a holistic exploration of nature, culture, and personal growth.
    Date of Experience: November, 2023
  5. Himalayan Majesty Unveiled: A Manaslu Circuit Trek with Himalayan 360
    (5 months ago)
    Embarking on the Manaslu Circuit Trek organized by Himalayan 360 was a journey that transcended the ordinary, a symphony of breathtaking landscapes and cultural immersion that left an indelible mark on my soul. From the outset, Himalayan 360's meticulous planning and seasoned guides transformed this trek into an adventure of a lifetime. The diverse terrain, from terraced fields to alpine meadows, unfolded before us, each day revealing a new facet of Nepal's majestic beauty. The teahouse accommodations, carefully selected by the Himalayan 360 team, provided a cozy respite after exhilarating days of trekking. The team's commitment to sustainable and responsible tourism was evident, adding an extra layer of appreciation to the experience. What truly set this trek apart was the cultural immersion facilitated by our guides. They seamlessly integrated us into local communities, allowing us to partake in age-old traditions and fostering genuine connections with the warm-hearted people along the route. The Manaslu Circuit Trek with Himalayan 360 was not just a physical challenge; it was a spiritual and cultural odyssey. As I stood in awe before the towering Mount Manaslu, surrounded by fellow trekkers and the incredible team from Himalayan 360, I realized that this was more than a trek—it was a celebration of nature, culture, and the human spirit. For anyone seeking an authentic and transformative trekking experience, I wholeheartedly recommend the Manaslu Circuit Trek with Himalayan 360. They don't just organize treks; they curate unforgettable adventures that linger in the heart long after the journey is over.
    Date of Experience: October, 2023
  6. A Journey of a Lifetime with Himalayan 360
    (5 months ago)
    I recently undertook the Manaslu Circuit Trek organized by Himalayan 360, and the experience surpassed all expectations. From the outset, their meticulous planning and attention to detail were evident. The knowledgeable guides seamlessly navigated us through diverse landscapes, from lush forests to high mountain passes, offering unparalleled views of the eighth-highest peak, Mount Manaslu. Himalayan 360's commitment to safety and comfort shone through every step of the trek. The teahouse accommodations were well-selected, and the hearty meals provided the energy needed for each day's adventure. What sets Himalayan 360 apart is their dedication to cultural immersion. Our guides seamlessly integrated us into local communities, fostering genuine connections with the warm-hearted people of the region. This trek was not just a physical journey but a profound cultural and spiritual experience. The team at Himalayan 360 turned a challenging trek into a memorable adventure, leaving me with a deep appreciation for the beauty of Nepal and a desire to explore more with them in the future. Highly recommended for anyone seeking an authentic and transformative trekking experience.
    Date of Experience: November, 2023

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