Himalayan 360, is the company that fulfils your dreams into reality. Besides hundreds of local travel and trekking companies, we are quite different from others. We always try hard to offer the best services with money’s worth of holidays around the Nepal Himalayas.

Who we are

Himalayan 360 is a native adventure company of Nepal based in the heart of Kathmandu city. The Himalayan 360, besides exciting adventures, operates various types of tours, treks, peak climbing, and exotic holiday destinations.

The company, although newly established 10 years ago but run by a professional and expert team of staff and guides. Has led countless treks, mountaineering expeditions, scenic and cultural tours, in past decades around Nepal Himalayas.

Himalayan 360, quite different from other local adventure trekking companies, is truly committed to providing the best and money-worth holidays.

The Himalayan 360, is a rising adventure company in Nepal offering a wide range of holiday destinations around the Himalayas.
The company is Government Regisrated by the Nepal Tourism Department and recognized by various organizations related to Nepal Tourism.

All guides are young, physically strong with good health and medical background, to make every trip a huge success. Making every client happy with enjoyable moments showing the wonders of Nepal Himalayas and its immense cultures.

Himalayan 360 is not only a reputed trekking company of Nepal, but it is also an Eco-Friendly organization. All guides are well versed in Responsible Tourism, as well as helping the local villages protect their green pristine environment.

The company runs volunteering programs around rural and backward villages, to help and support poor villagers and schools. Helping to maintain a healthy atmosphere by financial funds from various means of support from the company profits through tourism.

Our Value guide everything we do


100% Personal

Our ready-made itinerary doesn't meet your expectation. Okay, You will have your custom-made itinerary and a dedicated travel consultant Who will help to make your Holiday very memorable.

Our Dedication

We know your time is valuable, so our team is committed to providing you with the best travel experience possible, from before you book your holiday to after your journey has ended.

Must Trust

Travel in confidence! Himalayan 360 is fully licensed by the Nepal Government and is a member of various professional tourism associations. We’re also highly rated on Google, Trust Pilot and TripAdvisor by our travellers.

Focus Quality

All the members of Himalayan 360 are certified by the authorised office of the Nepal tourism and hospitality sector. As we are Local operators and already spent decades in the same field there is no doubt to deliver the best service.

Customer Reviews

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Meet Our Team

We are feeling proud ourself to introduce our team who makes Himalayan 360 one of the best and most reputed adventure and travel companies in Nepal.

Mr Rajendra Amgain (Raj) MD

Mr Raj’s goal and the aim is to offer the best of the best with money’s worth of services. Providing the right types of moderate or adventurous destinations to all travellers and age groups. Every profit of the company he shares the bounty, supporting the needy rural farm villages. As well as for poor children’s education, providing educational materials, and taking care of health and hygiene.

Mr Amrit Nepal CEO

Mr. Amrit Nepal, also known as "Nepal" for short, is veteran tourism professional. Nepal has been active for the last 11 years, leading and guiding countless treks and tours around Nepal Himalayas including Tibet and Bhutan.

Mr. Ganesh Babu Bhatta

Mr. Ganesh Babu Bhatta, also known as "Ganesh" for short, is a professional marketing person at Travel & Tourism sector. Ganesh has been active for the last five years in our tourism field
He involved in relation development, creating and implementing marketing strategies, creating sales, liaising with company stakeholders, planning events, and managing online activity.

Samir Nirakar International Consultant

Samir Nirakar, a world-traveling beacon of positivity, combines diverse roles as a therapist, guide, teacher, writer, and researcher. His journey led to mastering singing bowls and meditation in Nepal, where he established a renowned center. He shares his wisdom globally, including in the USA, Russia, Europe, and the Middle East.

Mr Kumar Thapa

Designation: Indian Market Head
Language: Nepali, Hindi, English
Experience: Hospitality industry since 2015

Mr Namrit Nepal

Designation: Ticketing Officer
Language: Nepali, Hindi, English
Experience: Hospitality industry since 2012

Mr Sajal Shrestha

Designation: Operation Manager
Language: Nepali, Hindi, English
Experience: Hospitality industry since 2014

Mrs Susma Kapri

Designation: Ass. Operation Manager
Language: Nepali, Hindi, English
Experience: Hospitality industry since 2018

Mrs Susma Bhatta

Designation: Account
Language: Nepali, Hindi, English
Experience: Hospitality industry since 2010

Mr Gaurav Nepal

Designation: IT Head
Language: Nepali, Hindi, English, French
Experience: Hospitality industry since 2009

Why Travel With Us


Highly experienced local operator

You will be working with the One of the founder member, Amrit Nepal who is dedicated to your interests and to making Himalayan 360 the place where travelers come to and return to for adventures in Nepal.  Guides and porters are carefully selected and educated by Amrit to insure you get very accurate and updated information about the mountains and the different trekking regions in Nepal.

Authorized company

Himalayan 360 is an authorized government registered trekking company in Nepal. From the trips we organize, the nation of Nepal receives payments which are used to enhance the environment and help the people of Nepal. Along with the government, we are also certified by Nepal Tourism Board (NTB), Trekking Agencies Association of Nepal (TAAN), Nepal Mountaineering Association (NMA) and other institutions.

Responsible Tourism

Himalayan 360 organizes fully responsible trekking, tours and peak climbing activities. We are fully aware to preserve the environment by properly disposing the litter, by sourcing locally grown and foods free of pesticides and additives, by being knowledgeable of and respecting local culture, festivals and traditions while making efforts not to disrupt the lives our local people.

Avoid hidden charges

We are clear on our trip policies and costs.  Our estimates will include both your costs for our services as well as other items not covered in our fees that many other clients incur while traveling to and within Nepal.  We will make every effort to have you leave Nepal with wonderful memories and no surprise costs.

Multiple Packages

Our trips are not limited only in trekking.  We arrange day excursions from Kathmandu as well as rafting, jungle safaris, as well as other extended tours.  Experienced guides and porters along with excellent kitchen teams are ready to serve you faster and effectively.


We always wish for your safe trips and successful trips, for which we highly emphasize on acclimatization. However, we can not underestimate the emergency side at the alpine altitude or emergency by your personal cause. In this situation, we can give you the rescue facilities and we are always ready as a responsible organizer.

Responsible Tourism

“Investment in travel is an investment in yourself.” When you invest yourself it is our responsibility to make your investment worthy. As a company member and citizen of Nepal, we will like to have responsible tourists who will understand us too. And it is also our first job to make tourists responsible, and make them show positive behaviours while visiting Nepal, not only for tourists but also for the government, locals, hoteliers, operators, and all people supporting tourism in Nepal.

Responsible tourism is about “making better places for people to live in and better places for people to visit.” Nepal's government has always motivated people in the tourism sector to have sustainable development in the tourism industry. As a tourism company, Himalayan 360 also believe in responsible tourism in Nepal, so here are some things that we will do together while you will visit Nepal with us:

  • Minimizes negative economic, environmental, and social impacts
  • Give rise to economic benefits for local people by using a local homestay, campsites, locally owned hotels, and lodges.
  • Respect local people, support them, and respect them.
  • Make a valuable contribution to conserving the natural beauty and cultural heritage by not disturbing the real presence of nature and cultural heritage.
  • To control deforestation we will use an alternative source of fire for cooking.
  • To maintain cleanliness and hygiene we will choose proper dumping site or separate places for throwing waste materials
  • Environmental pollution is worst so to minimize this kind of pollution we use respective trekking trails, campsites, and resting places.
  • To explore more we will always use locally available services provided by local guides and porters which help tourists to know more about local culture and traditions and also trekking regions. It will help to build good relations between locals and guests.
  • Every money you spent will directly help in the development of local surroundings, women’s empowerment, environmental conservation, and other activities. So we will like to request you to spend your money wisely.