‘Enjoy exciting scenic and cultural tour around great places of Himalayas’

Welcome to a scenic and cultural sightseeing tour of Nepal with Himalayan 360 around exciting places of Nepal and its Himalayas.

Nepal is a country of various exotic destinations, where one can enjoy culture, historical and religious areas. Where most places are designated as UNESCO World Heritage Sites from old monuments, religious sites, and national parks.

The Scenic And Cultural Sightseeing Tour of Nepal begins from the moment you step into Kathmandu. The capital city and commercial hub of Nepal at a height of 1,324 m / 4,344 feet high. Located on a verdant valley surrounded by rolling green hills with grand views of snow-capped peaks of the Central Himalayas.

Although a metropolitan city, still retains its old-time glory of ancient monuments and religious sites. From old Durbar Square (palace courtyard), magnificent temples, monasteries, and stupas of both Hindu and Buddhism religions.
While in Kathmandu one can visit exciting historical and religious sites as well as observe the local cultures of great fascination.

Kathmandu teems with colorful life, sightseeing tour leads from the heart of the city to the rim of the valley.

Kathmandu Durbar Square / Old palace and courtyard:

This large square is the historic seat of the Nepalese Royalty. The square, with its old temples and palaces, epitomizes the religious and cultural life of the people.

It is here where the Kings of Nepal were crowned. Interesting place to visit in the square includes:

  • Taleju Temple was built by King Mahindra Malla in 1,549 A.D.
  • The gigantic figure of Kal Bhairav, the God of Destruction.
  • Basantpur Durbar or Nautalle Durbar, built by King Prithivi Narayan Shah Coronation Platform (Nasal Chowk). Hall of Public audience (Gaddi Baithak)
  • Statue of King Pratap Malla-Big Bell-big Drums and Jaganath Temple.
  • The temple and the residence of the Living Goddess; Kumari, is located in the vicinity of the Hanuman Dhoka Palace.


One of the world’s most magnificent Buddhist stupas of more than 2,500 years old history is also called the “Monkey Temple”. Due to a large number of Rhesus dwelling around its forest, the stupa on four sides of the spire is the all-seeing eyes of Lord Buddha. It is 3 k.m. west of Kathmandu city, situated on a hillock about 7 meters above the level of the Valley. The hill is a mosaic of small Stupas and pagodas temples. One can have great views of Kathmandu city with the snow-capped peaks towards the north.

Swambhunath/Monkey temple

Pashupatinath Temple:

Situated 5 k.m. east of Kathmandu on the banks of the sacred Bagmati River, the temple of lord Shiva, has two tiered golden roofs and silver doors. The major religious hub for all Hindus, where thousands of pilgrims and devotees visit from all around Nepal and India.

Pashupatinath Temple

The Bouddhanath Stupa:

The stupa of Bouddhanath is situated 8 k.m. east of Kathmandu. On this colossal and ancient stupa; one of the biggest in the world, are the all-seeing eyes of Lord Buddha. It is said to have been built by Lichchhavi King Mana Dev in the 5th A.D. It is built on an octagonal base inset with prayer wheels. The area is also known as ‘Little Tibet’.

One can extend the tour for more days by visiting exotic sites around the Kathmandu valley rim, like Patan and Bhaktapur city with many monuments designated as World Heritage Sites.



Nepal is a fascinating and scenic holiday destination where one can enjoy a tour of heritage towns and villages. Facing grand views of the high Himalayan range of peaks, the other best place to visit in Pokhara. A city blessed with the natural beauty of Annapurna Himalayas and serene lakes. Pokhara is one of the most popular holiday destinations for domestic and wide-world travellers.
Where most of the trekking and exciting adventure around Annapurna Himalayas begins and ends.

While in Pokhara enjoy a short drive to Sarankot hilltop a famous viewpoint for sunrise over Dhaulagiri-Annapurna to Mt. Manaslu with aerial views of Pokhara green valley and Lake Phewa, a popular spot for Para-Gliding as well.
After the sunrise views over mountains, enjoy the tour off Seti Gorge, David’s / Devi, or Pathle Chhago Water Falls- visit Peace Stupa and around Pokhara local markets away from the main touristic area.

Chitwan National Park:

Located in Nepal Mid-South around the sub-tropical areas of Terai, the lowland of the country with dense jungle. Chitwan National Park is listed in UNESCO World Heritage Sites, as well as the best park in Asia for wildlife safari.

Where one can enjoy the thrill of jungle safari on an elephant to witness the rare Royal Bengal Tiger, Rhinoceros. Includes many mammals with more than 600 different species of bird life.


Lumbini the birthplace of Lord Buddha, the ‘Light of Asia’, is located in Nepal Far Mid-West around the warm sub-tropical Terai belt. The birth site of Lord Buddha is designated as World Heritage Site. Buddha was born as a prince of the Sakya Kingdom in the 6th century B.C.

In 249 BC, the Buddhist convert Emperor Asoka visited Lumbini and constructed four stupas and a stone pillar. Asoka’s Pillar bears an inscription that translates as: “King Piyadasi (Asoka). The site was rediscovered in 1895, by a German archaeologist when he came upon Asoka’s Pillar, identified by its inscription.

Around Nepal, there are more places that one can enjoy from religious, and historical to scenic places. All in the backdrop of high Himalayan mountains ranging from the Far East to the West of the country. As well one can enjoy panoramic Mountain Flight facing views of Mt. Everest.
All tours are guided by expert and professional tour guides of Himalayan 360, where one can enjoy the exciting site. 360 provides excellent guides who can communicate and speak English, Hindi, Urdu, Chinese, Korean and Japanese. Includes guides for German, Russian, Spanish, and Italian also.

Tour beyond Kathmandu in the comfort of spacious luxury standard cars, coaches, and buses or by scenic internal flights. Staying in the best hotels, and resorts for overnights provided with excellent meals from Nepalese, Indian, Continental, and much more.

Himalayan 360 also organize and runs Hindu and Buddhism Pilgrimage tour to various exciting destinations across the country. If you are wondering about a tour, Please don’t hesitate to send us mail. we will help you to customize tour packages as per your requirement within 1hour.

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