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Yoga and Meditation in Nepal Annapurna Himalayas, one of the most scenic places on earth, is blessed with natural beauty. An exciting place Pokhara for practising physical fitness through yoga exercise, meditation, and short hiking.

Buddhist pilgrimage tour in Nepal

Nepal is a country with a strong Buddhist heritage, and it attracts thousands of pilgrims each year who come to visit its sacred sites. Common Buddhist pilgrimage tour in Nepal offers a unique opportunity to explore the country’s rich cultural and religious heritage, as well as to deepen one’s spiritual practice. Some of the common …

Nepal’s Solo Trekking Ban: What You Need to Know

Recently, the Nepalese government implemented a ban on solo trekking in the country, citing safety concerns for tourists. The move has sparked debate among travelers, with some calling it a necessary step to ensure the safety of trekkers, while others see it as a blow to the freedom of independent travel. Here we will explain the …


‘Enjoy exciting scenic and cultural tour around great places of Himalayas’ Introduction:Welcome to a scenic and cultural sightseeing tour of Nepal with Himalayan 360 around exciting places of Nepal and its Himalayas. Nepal is a country of various exotic destinations, where one can enjoy culture, historical and religious areas. Where most places are designated as …