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An Upper Mustang helicopter tour offers a remarkable journey into the heart of Nepal’s remote and culturally rich region. Often referred to as the “Last Forbidden Kingdom,” Upper Mustang is a mystique land known for its preserved Tibetan culture and stunning landscapes.

One of the significant advantages of this tour is its ability to access remote landing sites within Upper Mustang, allowing you to explore the region’s hidden treasures. Stops include Lo Manthang, the capital of Upper Mustang, ancient monasteries like Thubchen and Jampa, and charming villages like Dhakmar. These stops provide opportunities to immerse yourself in the rich Tibetan culture, interact with friendly locals, and witness traditional festivals or rituals that may coincide with your visit.

Upper Mustang’s unique desert-like landscape, adorned with red cliffs and ancient cave dwellings, is a visual delight for photographers and nature enthusiasts. The helicopter tour offers an up-close exploration of these remarkable features, making it a memorable and convenient way to experience the region’s natural beauty and cultural heritage.

If you have enough time and want to explore and know more about the Upper Mustang region then you can look after Upper Mustang Trek designed by us.

So let’s get started with this beautiful heli tour to the most mysterious places of Nepal with Himalayan 360.

Helicopter is flying over gokyo lake.

Best season for the Upper Mustang Helicopter Tour

The best season for an Upper Mustang helicopter tour is during the spring and autumn months, which offer the most favorable weather conditions and the most enjoyable experience.

Spring (March to May)

Spring is one of the most popular times for Upper Mustang helicopter tours. During this season, the weather is generally stable, with clear skies and pleasant temperatures. The landscape comes alive with blooming wildflowers, making it a visually stunning time to visit. The temperatures are moderate, ranging from mild to warm, which makes it comfortable for exploration and photography. Spring is also a great time to witness traditional festivals in Upper Mustang.

Autumn (September to November)

Autumn is another excellent season for an Upper Mustang helicopter tour. The weather is typically dry, and the skies are clear, offering the best visibility for admiring the breathtaking Himalayan scenery during the helicopter flight. The temperatures are comfortable, with warm days and cooler nights.

Both spring and autumn provide ideal conditions for exploring Upper Mustang’s unique landscapes, rich cultural heritage, and ancient monasteries. However, it’s essential to note that Upper Mustang has a high desert-like climate, which means it can be pretty cold in the early mornings and evenings, even during these favorable seasons. Therefore, it’s advisable to dress in layers and be prepared for varying temperatures.

Beautiful view of Lo mantang village. the view looke even amazing if you take Upper mustang Helicopter tour because it bring you more high from the village and can cover all the village with eagle eye view.

Seasons to avoid

There are certain seasons and times of the year to avoid an Upper Mustang helicopter tour due to unfavorable weather conditions and logistical challenges.

Monsoon Season (June to August)

Monsoon season is the least suitable time for an Upper Mustang helicopter tour. During this period, the region experiences heavy rainfall, which can lead to landslides, flooding, and poor visibility. The monsoon can make the already rugged terrain of Upper Mustang even more challenging to navigate, making it unsafe and impractical for travel.

Winter Season (December to February)

Winter in Upper Mustang can be extremely harsh, with freezing temperatures, heavy snowfall, and icy conditions. The region is often covered in snow, which makes transportation difficult and potentially dangerous. Helicopter flights may be restricted or canceled due to adverse weather conditions and the risk of icing on aircraft. Most local teahouses and accommodations in Upper Mustang are also closed during winter.

Early Spring (February to early March)

While late spring is an excellent time to visit Upper Mustang, the early spring months can still be quite chilly, with lingering snow and icy conditions in some areas. It is best to wait until later in March when the weather becomes more stable, and the landscape starts to bloom with colorful wildflowers.


An Upper Mustang tour promises an extraordinary adventure through one of Nepal’s most captivating and restricted regions. This journey typically commences in Kathmandu or Pokhara, where travelers embark on a scenic flight that showcases the grandeur of the Annapurna and Dhaulagiri mountain ranges before reaching Upper Mustang.

Exploring this enchanting region, the tour takes you to significant cultural and natural landmarks, including Lo Manthang, ancient monasteries such as Thubchen and Jampa, and picturesque villages like Dhakmar. It’s an opportunity to immerse yourself in the rich Tibetan heritage, witness traditional festivals, and admire the unique terrain of red cliffs and cave dwellings.

While the adventure offers breathtaking views and cultural encounters, travelers should be mindful of weather-related considerations and costs, but the experience is an unforgettable journey into the heart of the Himalayas.


  • The heli tour offers panoramic views of the spectacular Annapurna and Dhaulagiri mountain ranges, as well as the dramatic Kali Gandaki River valley.
  • Explore the capital of Upper Mustang, Lo Manthang, a walled city with a rich history.
  • Experience the stark beauty of Upper Mustang's desert-like landscapes, characterized by red cliffs, deep canyons, and rugged terrain.
  • Capture stunning photographs of the Himalayan scenery, ancient architecture, and vibrant cultural scenes throughout the tour.
  • Savor local Tibetan and Nepali cuisine during your stops in Upper Mustang, offering a taste of the region's culinary traditions.


Day 1:
Helicopter flight to Upper Mustang: 4 Hours flight

6:30 AM
Pick up from the hotel in Kathmandu and transfer to the airport
7:00 AM
Check-in at the airport and fly to Jomsom: 45-minute flight
7:45 AM
Landing at Jomsom – fueling for 5 minutes
Helicopter tour to Mustang: 30 minutes flight
8:20 AM
Landing at the Lo Manthang for 40 minutes. Free time to enjoy the Himalayan scenery with the views of several other mountains
9:00 AM
Fly back to Kathmandu: 1-hour 30 minutes flight
10:30 AM
Transfer back to your hotel.


Cost Includes

  • Pick up and drop by a private vehicle from your hotel and airport.
  • Witness fantastic Himalayan peaks, lakes and glaciers
  • Helicopter tour to Upper Mustang and return.
  • 40 minutes stop at Upper Mustang for sightseeing.

Cost Excludes

  • Annapurna National park fees are USD 25 (NPR 3000) per person- must be in Cash - pay locally in the Mountain.
  • Items of a personal nature.
  • ADD ON
  • Breakfast
  • Permits for the tour
  • TIPS
  • Tips for the driver. (Tipping is expected).
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Upper Mustang Helicopter Tour | Discover Mustang with Heli