Ama Dablam Expedition

Ama Dablam peak (6,812 m) Expedition is a golden chance to climb one of the world’s most beautiful and popular peaks. Located in the heart of Khumbu region, this glorious peak stands alone 3,000 meter above the Tengboche village of Khumbu region. Ama Dablam was first submitted by an Anglo-American-New Zealand in 1961.

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Shishapangma Expedition

Mt Shishapangma (8,013 m) expedition is an idyllic climbing for those who are interested in climbing the less crowded peak. Mt. Shishapangma (8,013 m) is the 14th highest mountain peak in the world and it is the only 8000 meter peak which is entirely situated in Tibet. Mt. Shishapangma is five kilometer away from the border of Nepal

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Cho-Oyu Expedition

The name Mount Cho-yu is called ‘Goddess of Turquoise’. As goddess is ‘chomo’ in Tibetan language and turquoise is ‘yu’. Hence, ‘Chomo Yu’ has changed into Cho Oyu in course of changing civilization generation after generation. It is also reported that Cho Oyu is also called ‘Mighty Head’ meaning ‘god’s head’It stands at high

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Mount Everest Expedition

The Mount Everest is the highest peak of the World 29,028ft. (8,848m.) through which the climbing toppers feel them selves as the most proud and adventurous personal of the World. In May 29, 1953, Sir Edmond Hillary and Late Tenzing Norge Sherpa first climbed this peak after their long effort. Everest Base camp situated on Khumbu